Name Change of Company

Change the Name of your Company

The Company after incorporation can change the name of the company anytime. Company can change its name for any reason. The change of name of the Company will not affect its legal status.


No, change in the company name will not create any new entity.
No, Company Name shall not be in consonance with the object of the Company.
The new Company name shall be applicable from the date of issue of Certificate.
Central Governments approval is required only when there is addition and deletion of word ‘Private’.
Yes, we need to change the name in PAN Card also.
Yes, for a period of 2 years, wherever the company’s name is displayed, previous name shall also be displayed.
Yes, we need to alter the MOA and AOA of the Company.
Reserve the new name by making RUN Application.
The application for name change must be made within 30 days of obtaining the consent of members in General Meeting (held after reservation of name). Intimation of resolution is made in form MGT – 14 whereas the application for the name change is made in form INC – 24.