Employee Lifecycle Management

The different stages an employee goes through during their time at an organization. HR’s role during Employee Lifecycle Management is vital and begins even before the employee has been hired.

Apoyo’s experts shall help you out with the following matters :

Attendance Management

Attendance Management System plays a crucial role in maintaining the productivity of the employees. An attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. Apoyo have come up with a software which will help you maintain the attendance of the employees digitally.


Employee Grievances Handling

For the smooth functioning or a business, it is vital for your employees to be content of being a part of the organization. If the employee is unhappy about something or irritated then it is the duty of the supervisor to be aware of the situation. Apoyo’s grievance management is a dedicated ear to the cries of your employees. No complaint or issue shall go unheard in an organization with Apoyo’s grievance redressal.


Employee Payslips

With the changing times, the trends in employee salary distribution has been constantly evolving. Apoyo’s employee pay slip application is up to date with the changing trends and types of remuneration and has been evolving new methods to keep abreast with the contemporary need of the hour.


Exit Management

When an employee resigns or is terminated from his/her services, there are many processes that an organization needs to make in order to effectively end the relationship between the company and the employee. This process is known as Exit Management. Apoyo has an expertise in providing all these services. Exit processes are one of the important decisions an organization has to make and we at Apoyo are here to help you with such sensitive issues.


Leave Management

Handling employee leaves can be one of the most time-consuming responsibilities of a manager. These leaves need to be handled regularly and the procedure of processing them requires carefully tracking employee leave history. Thus it makes sense to switch to an online leave management system. Apoyo will install a software in your organisation that will help to access accurate information about employees’ leaves and number of leaves taken by them, leave trends, and leave balances instantaneously.


Outdoor Duty Management

Outdoor Duty Activities are those activities performed by an employee as part of, or an extension of, regular official responsibilities. It refers to the official duty activities with an outside organization. We at Apoyo looks after all these activities that an employee has to make as official duty with respect to our expert team and with the latest resource available.


Payroll Management

Payroll services are a vital necessity for business, no matter what size. This would include details of the employee’s salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. An employer must maintain and keep these records as dictated by the law. The task of gathering the data to maintain these records may look overwhelming, Apoyo helps you in maintaining these mandatory records with the help of their skilled employees and with the latest payroll software.