Employee Grievances Handling

Employee Grievances Handling

For the smooth functioning or a business, it is vital for your employees to be content of being a part of the organization. If the employee is unhappy about something or irritated then it is the duty of the supervisor to be aware of the situation. Apoyo’s grievance management is a dedicated ear to the cries of your employees. No complaint or issue shall go unheard in an organization with Apoyo’s grievance redressal.

Apoyo helps in providing a voice to the unvoiced grievances in your organization. While designing this the main focus was to give the employees a platform to speak up their issues, any issue big or small should be paid heed to. No matter how trivial it may seem to the supervisor, if it bothers the employee it should be paid attention to. The grievance management application acts as a buffer between the employees and the supervisors. Through this application many issues can be nipped in the bud.

Apoyo helps you deal with the employee grievances more efficiently and at a faster pace. Delay in resolving these issues can result in displeased employees. Cheerlessness at the workplace is directly proportional to a fall in productivity. Hence timely resolving of issues is necessary.

Apoyo’s grievance management is a unified issue management that assists the organizations in maintaining a record, smoothen the tracking process and arranging for a full-fledged investigation of the incident in your organization, in order to create complete transparency in the operations of the organization, also it helps provide the seniors with complete visibility of the organization inside-out.

We help you to resolve issues like indiscipline, discontent, dissatisfaction etc., can be expressed by either the employees or the superiors on identification of a festering issue, irrespective of whether it is justified or not, arising as a result of anything that has any association with the company, is sure of or just has a feeling that is unfair or discriminatory.

Some of the amazing features of Apoyo’s grievance management application are listed below:

  • Configurations available to accelerate the problem solving engine. The workflow can be pre- defined.

  • Basis the organizations policies and procedures the core rule engine should be based.

  • Immediate notifications shall be triggered to the departments and the supervisors involved. All stakeholders shall be duly informed.

  • Manual grievances are difficult to track. With our application every stage and status of the grievance updated in the system – improving transparency.

  • The issues that are registered have a unique ticket number, so in case the issue has been reopened. The status and history is easily accessible.

  • Multiple reports and analytics are available to have an in-depth view of the issue and also to keep a track on the recurrence of the grievance.