Expense & Benefits

Employee expenses and benefits are often part and parcel of an overall employment package. But employers need to be aware of the different taxation and reporting rules depending on the type of expense and benefit.

Apoyo’s experts shall help you out with the following matters:


Employee Asset Management

Making sure employees have what they need to do their jobs on day 1 is a critical function of new employee on-boarding, yet it’s actually an employee lifecycle process: roles change, new assets must be issued and retired assets must be recovered. Apoyo enables both new employee asset provisioning and employee lifecycle asset management.


Employee Engagement Calendar

Apoyo provides your organization an employee engagement programme. Employee engagement is a workplace HR strategy resulting in the appropriate plan for all employees of a firm to deliver their best every single day, dedicated to their individual and organizational objectives and goals. Motivated enough to contribute to organizational success.


Employee Insurance Information Management

Employee Insurance Information Management is the part of the system where the Employees get Information about the various Insurance policies. This ensures that the employees are covered with the best policies in the market. Apoyo has a Technology designed in such a way that it would research the best Information on insurance policies.


Expense Claim Management

Say goodbye to paper receipts and spreadsheets when you can automate manual processes and replace the legacy system with ease and precision by joining with Apoyo. We make business decisions based on actual facts and manage business expenses seamlessly with Apoyo expense management system.