Legal matters may hamper your business if not attended to and may hamper your firm’s reputation. Call Apoyo to get all the legal matters addressed!

Apoyo’s experts shall help you out with the following matters :


Drafting of Agreements & Contracts

Drafting of contracts and agreements is important for anyone wanting to enter into a new contract with another party. There are several tips that one should follow when drafting the initial contract. Some of the tips you should follow when drafting a contract or agreement include the following:
• Prepare an outline       • Be clear and concise
• Be consistent               • Include recitals
• Define terms


Drafting of Legal Notices/ Suits

A legal notice is a legal action in the form of formal communication made to a person/entity informing the same to undertake legal proceedings against him/her. It is an initial note of information to letting the person or an entity know that he or she is has made a grievance and the cause of legal action is taken in respect of it. If not dealt with cautiously, it might be a factor that the court may consider, if the case proceeds to litigation. Thus, a person aggrieved has an option to file a legal notice to the person/entity.


Website/ Mobile Apps Policies

The general purpose of a Privacy Policy is to inform users exactly which personal information is gathered by your site or mobile app, how it is used, and how it is protected.


Handling of Legal

Legal Dispute means any action, suit or proceeding between or among the Parties and their respective Affiliates arising in connection with any disagreement, dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or any related document.


Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is used to investigate and evaluate a business opportunity. The term due diligence describes a general duty to exercise care in any transaction. As such, it spans investigation into all relevant aspects of the past, present and predictable future of the business of a target company.